BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
masterFix making static tunnels/external tunnels without keysCallum Dickinson3 years
oldsetup.py fixesCallum Dickinson4 years
test-suite-fixesProgressCallum Dickinson3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-08-09Fix making static tunnels/external tunnels without keysHEADmasterCallum Dickinson
2017-08-09Add note about connecting static-external-tunnel to GRE interfacesCallum Dickinson
2017-08-09Add static external tunnels to direct interface, to be distributed in the meshCallum Dickinson
2017-08-08README.md: tunnel mode -> transport modeCallum Dickinson
2017-08-08Vagrant: Modify test VMs and overlay configs to better test static external t...Callum Dickinson
2017-08-08Fix static external tunnels not being added if they use global PSKCallum Dickinson
2017-08-06tests: Make sure SRC_DIR is only inserted to the top of PYTHONPATH onceCallum Dickinson
2017-08-05Vagrant: Restart strongSwan after OpenSSL plugin installationCallum Dickinson
2017-08-05 Rework test suite bootstrapping (to avoid using system l3overlay library), a...Callum Dickinson
2017-08-04Fix raft of bugs found by pylint and clean up coding style (#7)Callum Dickinson