Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries ----------------------------------- Release version 2.13.2 Project website: www.7kfans.com This is the release of the Seven Kingdoms: Ancient Adversaries source code as authorized by Enlight by the 7kfans project. The game is provided under the terms of the GPL. See the file "COPYING" for the details of the license. This release brings Linux support for the game through the Wine API. The game source should remain compatable with Windows as well. However, this release is intended as an interim solution for linux and Windows users while the game undergoes an extensive rewrite to make it truly multiplatform. This version of the game deprecates the I*Magic network library and DirectPlay. Building the game will disable the network option by default. Renable it at your own risk. In the future, the 7kfans project intends to replace the network code anyhow. Building the game --------- General Requirements * GCC 3.0 or later * JWasm 2.00 or later * Perl (checked with 5.10.1) Linux * Wine 1.1.34 or later Windows * DX7 SDK (later not tested) We do not (yet?) provide the typical Makefile setup. To build execute: ./configure.pl Followed by: ./build.pl This will build the game suited for your system. If this does not work, please tell us. Running -------- You can download the game data if you do not already have the game installed. You can find the game data from the 7kfans sourceforge page at http://sourceforge.net/projects/skfans/ Copy the executable files "7kaa.exe*" from the build directory to your installed game directory. Run 7kaa.exe to start the game instead of the classic enlight version called 7k.exe. You may create a short-cut now. Other Tips --------- Since the game runs on Wine's DDraw, users may find the game runs rather slow for such an old game. We cannot correct this issue when using DDraw, but there are solutions found over at the Wine Project: http://wiki.winehq.org/DirectDraw