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masterRework action for police : finished.benblan5 years
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2015-02-19Rework action for police : finished.HEADmasterbenblan
2015-01-24Rework action for policebenblan
2014-10-05Finished work on the persuaded peds.benblan
2014-09-30Changed the way panic is activated.benblan
2014-09-22Persuasion workbenblan
2014-09-17Persuasion workbenblan
2014-09-15Rework of scripted actions and resetbenblan
2014-08-13start rework on persuasion.benblan
2014-08-09Panic is active only when a ped gets his weapon outbenblan
2014-08-08Added PanicComponent to manage panic for civilianbenblan