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mastercleanup: void functions should not return a valueDaniel Aquino7 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2013-09-03cleanup: void functions should not return a valueHEADmasterDaniel Aquino
2013-08-09makefile: some system libs need -lmDaniel Aquino
2013-08-09whitespace: remove white space at end of lineDaniel Aquino
2013-08-08makefile: add -ldl as default linker optionDaniel Aquino
2013-08-08makefile: Invert check for lua vs lua5.1Daniel Aquino
2013-03-19Ignoring common forsaken-libs folders.Daniel Aquino
2013-03-19Ignoring forsaken game directories.Daniel Aquino
2013-03-19Ignoring build artifact files.Daniel Aquino
2013-03-19Ignoring *.sh so you can have your own scripts.Daniel Aquino
2013-03-15Adding a new readme to the project.Daniel Aquino