Just a quick fork of the Dark Reign 2 Google Code repo.

Mentioned on /. on 2012-08-07.

Original post on Google Code:

This project wants to add multiplayer support for the game "Dark Reign 2" again! The source is available and yes: it's the full game.

You can download the compiled game from the source tab > full_game.

Note: to compile the project you will need Visual C++ 6.0 (SP1) <- does not work on vista and 7

Looking for a pro C++ programmer to help edit the networking components. We need a working multiplayer ! :D

If you need anywhere to put a serial use the developer serial: GAD6-TEB4-CUP9-PAP6-5529

This does not include the full_game/Dark Reign 2.rar file which can be found here.