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masterMerge pull request #3 from dubaaron/aarongondur3 years
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2017-07-02Merge pull request #3 from dubaaron/aaronHEADmastergondur
2017-06-30Continue cleaning up and deciphering code, add changelog.Aaron Wallentine
2017-06-30Merge pull request #3 from dubaaron/patch-2Aaron Wallentine
2017-06-30Merge pull request #2 from dubaaron/aaronAaron Wallentine
2017-06-30Link to binaries; notes on build/contribAaron Wallentine
2017-06-30Start fixing code formatting so we can actually read this; use names to ident...Aaron Wallentine
2017-06-29Switched to 32-bit color so screen doesn\'t go quite so wonky when running fo...Aaron Wallentine
2017-06-29Remove debugging .exe from repoAaron Wallentine
2017-06-29Remove large files preventing me from pushing to GitHubAaron Wallentine
2017-06-29Ignore large sprite filesAaron Wallentine