Crack dot Com is hereby releasing the source code to Abuse to the public domain. Ownership: The following are statements of Crack dot Com's ownership. These items are NOT being submitted to the public domain. Crack dot Com retains ownership of the Abuse trademark. Crack dot Com retains ownership of the Crack dot Com trademark. Crack dot Com retains ownership of the Abuse "retail" data set. Crack dot Com retains ownership of the Abuse "registered" data set. The "retail" and "registered" data sets are defined as the levels, sound effects, music, artwork and other data which are NOT common to the "shareware" release of the game. Licenses and Third Party Owners: Crack licensed the DOS Abuse rights to Electronic Arts and the Mac Abuse rights to Bungie. Crack is therefore NOT releasing the full data set to the public domain to protect EA's and Bungie's investments in the product. Sound effects found in the shareware release of Abuse are the copyright of Bobby Prince and are not being submitted to the public domain. Disclaimer of Waranty: As with most public domain software, no warranty is made or implied by Crack dot Com or Jonathan Clark. Examples of What you CAN Do: Make another game and sell it commercially using the Abuse source code. Use pieces of the source code or shareware data (excluding the WAV's- you must speak to Bobby Prince) however you see fit. Learn how to make a better game. Port Abuse to any system you like. A note from Jonathan Clark: I'm busy coding Golgotha so I don't have time to answer many questions. If you e-mail me, I'll read it (unless it's really long), but I may not answer. If you are making a game with the code, I would like to hear about that sort of thing. A note from Dave Taylor: I didn't write a line of the Abuse source code, but I'm proud to have footed the bill. If any adventurous coders are interested, I would love to someday see a version which runs a lot faster, draws interpolated frames between the 15 Hz (i believe) updates, and runs under Win32. I believe in the released versions, we didn't include a line of assembly, and we've identified several areas that can be optimized. Also enclosed is the Mac Abuse source tree. We decided to split the Mac version from the main source tree. The Mac version features several updates to the Abuse engine and is designed primarily for a 640x480 resolution. We do not know if the Mac Abuse source tree compiles these days, so it's certainly wiser for the novice to stick with the main abuse and imlib directories instead of the macabuse/abuse and macabuse/imlib directories. Many thanks to Jason Merrill at Cygnus who fitted the Abuse source to use configure and fixed several bugs. The following are exerpts from his e-mail to us detailing some of those changes: "You'll need to remove abuse/lnx_sdrv and abuse/keydrv before building so make doesn't rebuild them in the source directory. Some crashes fixed. Curiously, building the 'opt' target instead of 'debug' produces a program that doesn't crash in mid-game, though it does occasionally say "jfree: bad pointer". I haven't checked whether this is because of optimization or -DNO_CHECK. ABUSE_PATH should work now, but it's useless without ABUSE_SAVE_PATH, which would be harder to fix. The 'abuse' script just makes symlinks to the installed data files. keydrv now works and cleans up after itself. Changed SVGA mouse init to be run before vga_init so it only needs to be suid root, not run as root. Use vga_getmousetype() instead of checking MOUSE_TYPE. The patch uses automake, but stock FSF automake won't work. I had to tweak it to accommodate your source layout. Avoid rebuilding Makefile.in. This should work for non-linux UNIX targets as well, but I haven't tested it yet. Fixes another couple of crashes and fixes support for sparc-sun-solaris2, mips-sgi-irix5, powerpc-ibm-aix4.1, and probably others I haven't tried. I haven't tested the AIX sound driver." Have fun, Jonathan Clark Dave Taylor Lead Programmer/Founder President/Founder Crack dot Com Crack dot Com