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masterMerge pull request #48 from ivuk/fix-typoSLAwww3 years
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2017-01-21Merge pull request #48 from ivuk/fix-typoHEADmasterSLAwww
2017-01-21Fix a few typos in SED_TipOfTheDay.txt, remove trailing spacesIgor Vuk
2016-06-17Merge pull request #45 from zcaliptium/gitignore-update-newSLAwww
2016-06-16Add more generated by VS and game files to .gitignore filter.zcaliptium
2016-06-16Merge branch 'zcaliptium-engine-bumpmappingformodels'SLAwww
2016-06-16Engine: Add bumpmapping for models (now OpenGL only).zcaliptium
2016-06-15Merge branch 'zcaliptium-gameexecutable-menu-newgamefix'SLAwww
2016-06-15GameExecutable: Fix misprint in the game menu code. An issue when you try to ...zcaliptium
2016-04-05Fix typoSLAwww
2016-04-04OGG playback no longer unsupportedSLAwww