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master- Updated README, added RELEASENOTES.Dave Mackey20 months
2.11Civil-War-Strategy-Game-2.11.tar.gz  Civil-War-Strategy-Game-2.11.tar.bz2  Civil-War-Strategy-Game-2.11.zip  Dave Mackey20 months
2.10Civil-War-Strategy-Game-2.10.tar.gz  Civil-War-Strategy-Game-2.10.tar.bz2  Civil-War-Strategy-Game-2.10.zip  Dave Mackey20 months
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2018-11-04- Updated README, added RELEASENOTES.HEAD2.11masterDave Mackey
2018-11-04- Bumped version to 2.11.Dave Mackey
2018-11-04- Minor changes to code to make more readable.Dave Mackey
2018-11-04- Made code related to menu more human readable.Dave Mackey
2018-11-04- Removed unused line labels iron and notitle2.Dave Mackey
2018-11-04- Renamed datapath$ to localappdatapath$, this points to the Local App Store.Dave Mackey
2018-11-04- Added latest binary compile of game.Dave Mackey
2018-11-04- More code indentation to allow for easier folding.Dave Mackey
2018-11-04- Preparing to make changes to the way the game handles file management to su...Dave Mackey
2018-11-04- Indented code to CWSTRAT.BAS to make it possibkle to collapse subs, making ...Dave Mackey