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* Remove commented out sections of View3dAllowDip() and general clean up.FixTeleportIntoWaterlshields2013-12-28
* Fixed teleporting into a water caused from a script with water walkinglshields2013-12-28
* Refactored code to get rid of View3dIsAllowDip, DisableDip, andLysle Shields2013-12-22
* Health and Mana properly update now when using the amulets and rings oflshields2013-11-03
* Some clean up.lshields2013-11-03
* v1.03AAClassic_v1.03lshields2013-09-21
* Decided that staying at inn logs out character.lshields2013-09-21
* Using the Inn now properly saves your character when returning to townlshields2013-09-17
* Changed INNUI.C formatting.lshields2013-09-17
* Mouse no longer leaves blocks on the screen when in mouse relative mode.lshields2013-09-17
* Small amounts from falling/jumping are now ignored (half point oflshields2013-09-16
* Fixed crash caused by shooting mercenaries with piercing bolts. Waslshields2013-09-16
* Buying bolts from the store no longer crashes.lshields2013-09-16
* Added more places where the character is saved. There was not enough.lshields2013-09-13
* Fixed using wands in mouse look mode and using the mouse button to fire.AAClassic_v1.02lshields2013-09-11
* Add icons to A&AAAClassic_v1.02-1lshields2013-09-08
* Added icon to game.lshields2013-09-08
* Merge branch 'NewNetworking'lshields2013-09-08
| * Turn music back on.NewNetworkinglshields2013-09-08
| * Cannot open doors or activate walls when dead.lshields2013-09-08
| * Full screen is default on release builds.lshields2013-09-08
| * Flatten rate of speed to keep high level characters or characters withlshields2013-09-07
| * fix quest 5.lshields2013-09-07
| * Classic v1.02 release.lshields2013-09-07
| * Updated exe's included proper Window one named Amulets & Armor.lshields2013-09-02
| * Packet print now prints sync packets.lshields2013-09-02
| * Sender address is stuff in packets at the time they are sent to ensurelshields2013-09-02
| * Player's status is ALWAYS reported in any of the hard forms, not justlshields2013-09-02
| * Latest executable.lshields2013-09-02
| * Added network server mode script for easy DOSBox server mode.lshields2013-09-02
| * Simplified sending packets to groups by having the PeopleHere modulelshields2013-09-02
| * Cleaned up formatting.lshields2013-09-02
| * Cleaned up formatting.lshields2013-09-02
| * More cleaning of PeopleHere module.lshields2013-09-02
| * Ignore some other files in the Exe directory.lshields2013-09-02
| * add back in missing level 30's script file.lshields2013-09-02
| * Start Windows AA with networking to self.lshields2013-09-02
| * Latest build executables.lshields2013-09-02
| * Removed unneeded function header.lshields2013-09-02
| * Combined sending for a port into just update for send. There is onlylshields2013-09-02
| * Correctly print out packets and redirected output on WIN32 to console.lshields2013-09-02
| * Removed unneeded PeopleHereNumInGame routine and other junk.lshields2013-09-02
| * Reworked poeple here module to be simpler and easier to work on.lshields2013-08-18
| * FileGetSize now works on non-existing files in windows.lshields2013-08-18
| * Removed login packet.lshields2013-08-18
| * Fixed a numbering issue between DOS and Windows IPX numbers.lshields2013-08-18
| * Removing old unneeded COMM files.lshields2013-08-17
| * Removed command queue port numbering system. There is never more thanlshields2013-08-16
| * General update of latest executable and settings.lshields2013-08-13
| * Print packets to paket file for debugging.lshields2013-08-13