BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
CommunityEditionAdded vs. 2013 support. Fixed extra function in textbox.lua. Added starting U...Caleb4 years
FixTeleportIntoWaterRemove commented out sections of View3dAllowDip() and general clean up.lshields6 years
HiColorFixed most of the final 24-bit color issues.lshields6 years
HighResExperimentHigh res options are currently compile time.lshields6 years
NewNetworkingTurn music back on.lshields6 years
OpenGLEngineDOS Light Compiler added.lshields6 years
VS2013_FixAdded MSVS 2013 project files and inifile reading fix (based on feof behavior...Caleb4 years
gh-pagesAdded doxygen docs to the github pages.lshields7 years
masterUpdated version number and executablepeewee4 years
AAClassic_v1.04AmuletsArmor-AAClassic_v1.04.tar.gz  AmuletsArmor-AAClassic_v1.04.tar.bz2  AmuletsArmor-AAClassic_v1.04.zip  lshields6 years
AAClassic_v1.03AmuletsArmor-AAClassic_v1.03.tar.gz  AmuletsArmor-AAClassic_v1.03.tar.bz2  AmuletsArmor-AAClassic_v1.03.zip  lshields6 years
AAClassic_v1.02AmuletsArmor-AAClassic_v1.02.tar.gz  AmuletsArmor-AAClassic_v1.02.tar.bz2  AmuletsArmor-AAClassic_v1.02.zip  lshields6 years
AAClassic_v1.02-1AmuletsArmor-AAClassic_v1.02-1.tar.gz  AmuletsArmor-AAClassic_v1.02-1.tar.bz2  AmuletsArmor-AAClassic_v1.02-1.zip  lshields6 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-04-21Updated version number and executableHEADmasterpeewee
2016-04-14Fixed crash caused by updating the chat box when it was not active when compl...peewee
2016-04-08Upped version number and updated executablepeewee
2016-04-08Replaced manual check for player position with new function to check if townh...peewee
2016-04-08Fixed crash from players joining while story/bank/inn was open.peewee
2016-03-19Fixed Single player crash finishing levelscabbruzzese
2016-03-19Fixed single player crash trying to get player infocabbruzzese
2016-03-19Updated player "look" while in game to display class and levelCaleb
2016-03-19Merged in changes to display name/class/level in town. Updated chat list to s...Caleb
2016-03-15Updated version number to show alpha status. Added multuiplayer debug configu...cabbruzzese