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* Changed hole size to standard 1.016 drill size for header pinsHEADmasterAndre Geldenhuis2016-08-28
* Adjusted outline to avoid padsAndre Geldenhuis2016-08-28
* Added internal through hole pads to footptrintAndre Geldenhuis2016-08-28
* Added internal through hole pins 33-36Andre Geldenhuis2016-08-28
* Added pads 29-32Andre Geldenhuis2016-08-28
* Added Module footprint, How to add library and module info.luisdiazugena2015-03-19
* Added moduleluisdiazugena2015-03-19
* added license imageLuis Diaz2015-03-16
* added license infoLuis Diaz2015-03-16
* Created libraryLuis Diaz2015-03-16
* Added all readme infoLuis Diaz2015-03-16
* Initial commitLuis Diaz2015-03-16