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masterAdded old uncommitted stuff, usability comments.Andre Geldenhuis4 years
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2016-03-17Added old uncommitted stuff, usability comments.HEADmasterAndre Geldenhuis
2012-02-14minor fixesAndre Geldenhuis
2012-02-14Made SendNibble a bit more sensibleAndre Geldenhuis
2012-02-13Moved SendNibble to main dominoEX library and tidied some licensing and examplesAndre Geldenhuis
2012-02-10Moved examples to the own directories to make arduino IDE happyAndre Geldenhuis
2012-02-06Added the floatnik example code, its kinda rough but worked pretty wellAndre Geldenhuis
2012-02-06Corrected licencing as original fldigi code is gpl3Andre Geldenhuis
2012-02-06Initial commit of old code and an examples/DominoEX.pdeAndre Geldenhuis