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masterremoved the port7 timingAndre Geldenhuis8 years
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2012-04-12removed the port7 timingHEADmasterAndre Geldenhuis
2012-04-0510bit phase accurate pwm working on pin 10 with DDSAndre Geldenhuis
2012-04-04create genwave to create arbitrary wavetables of arbirary length. It auto wr...Andre Geldenhuis
2012-02-14minor fixesAndre Geldenhuis
2012-02-14Fixed c4ms not incrementingAndre Geldenhuis
2012-02-13Corrected some licensing stuffAndre Geldenhuis
2012-02-10Added example and added setting pin 11 to outputAndre Geldenhuis
2012-02-10initial com of DDS library (moving out of core code)Andre Geldenhuis