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# smokeping-mtr-alert
-When SmokePing detects loss run MTR and mail the output to the operator
+When SmokePing detects an [alert](http://oss.oetiker.ch/smokeping/doc/smokeping_config.en.html#___top) condition it can be configured to run a script instead of sending an e-mail.
+This script, when launched from SmokePing, runs an [MTR](http://www.bitwizard.nl/mtr/) traceroute in report mode and e-mails the output to the designated address. This can be useful in providing some clues as to the source of the packet loss.
+## Installation
+This script requires that MTR and sendmail are installed and available on the path of the user running SmokePing.
+`smokeping-mtr-alert` should be placed in a directory that is readable by the SmokePing user (such as `/usr/local/bin`), and marked as executable. As SmokePing does not permit arguments to be passed to alert scripts you may wish to use a wrapper script to override configuration (such as the destination e-mail address or system name). An example wrapper script is provided in `smokeping-mtr-alert-wrapper`.
+SmokePing may then be configured in its "pipe" mode to run the script when an alert is triggered. The "from" address can be anything as it is not passed to the script.
+*** Alerts ***
+to = |/usr/local/bin/smokeping-mtr-alert
+from = smokeping@example.com
+type = loss
+# in percent
+pattern = >0%,*12*,>0%,*12*,>0%
+comment = loss 3 times in a row
+## Usage
+The positional arguments to the script will usually be provided by SmokePing itself.
+usage: smokeping-mtr-alert [-h] [--email EMAIL] [--name NAME]
+ alert target loss_pattern rtt hostname
+Run from SmokePing as a "pipe" alert target. Sends an MTR for the target to
+the designated e-mail address. Michael Fincham
+positional arguments:
+ alert name of the alert, supplied by smokeping
+ target target being monitored, supplied by smokeping
+ loss_pattern loss pattern that has triggered, supplied by smokeping
+ rtt current RTT for target, supplied by smokeping
+ hostname hostname of target, supplied by smokeping
+optional arguments:
+ -h, --help show this help message and exit
+ --email EMAIL e-mail address to send report, defaults to root
+ --name NAME name of smokeping installation, defaults to hostname where
+ the script runs
+## Limitations
+* No support for the `edgetrigger` option in SmokePing.
+* SmokePing will not run a script with custom parameters, necessitating the use of a wrapper script if defaults need to be overridden.