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masterI regret some of the things I did in the pastMichael Fincham4 years
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2016-01-10I regret some of the things I did in the pastHEADmasterMichael Fincham
2015-03-19Create README.md based on old Google Code descriptionMichael Fincham
2008-05-25* remove broken juniper-view-source module, will be replaced shortly jasper@unix.geek.nz
2008-05-25Packaging fixesjasper@unix.geek.nz
2008-03-27 * Only open bookmark in new window if current tab is not blankjasper@unix.geek.nz
2008-03-26use "insert or replace" to update history items which already existjasper@unix.geek.nz
2008-03-26Added history implementation sans accessor UIjasper@unix.geek.nz
2008-03-26 * Working bookmarks and prefs implementations using SQLitejasper@unix.geek.nz
2008-03-24 * Pass GladeXML object around rather than bits of itjasper@unix.geek.nz
2008-03-24Added a status bar with row/col display for the gtksourceview to the View Sou...fincham