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2017-04-21BloodsportHEADmasterMichael Fincham
2017-04-21Update README.mdMichael Fincham
2017-04-21Add package dependency note to get-imageMichael Fincham
2017-04-21Remove unused network setup stuff from the user_data exampleMichael Fincham
2017-04-21Add example run-in-chroot scriptMichael Fincham
2017-04-21Add useful "detect overcommit" scriptMichael Fincham
2017-04-21Set the IPv6 address during provisioning, disable IPv4Michael Fincham
2017-04-21Make slightly nicer to useMichael Fincham
2017-04-21Make sure ACPI support is enabled so guests can shut downMichael Fincham
2017-03-02Linked wrong videoMichael Fincham