BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
ICPadVarious KType updatesJacob Alexander4 years
blockKeyAdding keyBlock capability to support Programmmer's DvorakJacob Alexander3 years
capsenseAdding initial matrix configuration structureJacob Alexander4 years
hidioMinor code/commenting cleanupJacob Alexander2 years
masterMerge pull request #210 from jbondeson/feature-kiiconf_supportJacob Alexander2 years
oldMerge pull request #195 from iwanders/ps2_scanJacob Alexander3 years
simpleBasic code for Simple/Normal macro processingJacob Alexander5 years
testFixing macOS and Cygwin build errorsJacob Alexander3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2017-09-09Merge pull request #210 from jbondeson/feature-kiiconf_supportHEADmasterJacob Alexander
2017-09-09Add Support for KiiConf CompilationJeremy Bondeson
2017-09-09Adding debug CMake targets for debugging kllJacob Alexander
2017-09-06Fixed final column not working on some keyboardsJacob Alexander
2017-09-06Adding K-Type Release 1 build scriptJacob Alexander
2017-09-05Changing from divshift/divmask to framedelayJacob Alexander
2017-09-04Fixing documentation typoJacob Alexander
2017-09-04Adding UART0 debug by default to IC60/mk20dx128vlf5 bootloaderJacob Alexander
2017-09-03Fixing Esc-key reset for K-TypeJacob Alexander
2017-09-03Fixing long-standing link-time warningJacob Alexander