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* Merge pull request #8 from byllyfish/dict_compatHEADmasterSam Russell2018-05-30
| * Update AUTHORS file.Bill Fisher2018-05-29
| * Make message serialization more deterministic (issue #7)Bill Fisher2018-05-29
* Bump to Russell2018-05-17
* Use timer class in StateMachineSam Russell2018-05-17
* Add Timer classSam Russell2018-05-17
* Add OpenSent state to state machineSam Russell2018-05-16
* Add test for Peering.run()Sam Russell2018-05-15
* Bump to Russell2018-05-15
* Use concrete packer for BGP messagesSam Russell2018-05-15
* Use concrete parser for BGP messagesSam Russell2018-05-15
* Register parsers, stop testing message.typeSam Russell2018-05-15
* Bump to version Russell2018-05-14
* Support Exabgp style optional parametersSam Russell2018-05-14
* Bump to version Russell2018-05-14
* 32 bit ASN supportSam Russell2018-05-14
* Beka can pack/unpack AS4_PATHSam Russell2018-05-14
* Add capabilities handlingSam Russell2018-05-14
* Started testing BekaSam Russell2018-05-13
* Started testing PeeringSam Russell2018-05-13
* Tested and tidied the IP helper classesSam Russell2018-05-13
* Add description to readmeSam Russell2018-05-13
* Update README with correct badgesSam Russell2018-05-13
* Update setup.py with version0.2.1Sam Russell2018-05-13
* Route withdrawal messages packSam Russell2018-05-13
* Update Codeclimate key0.2.0Sam Russell2018-05-13
* Rename from Beeper to BekaSam Russell2018-05-13
* Package and should be ready for primetime0.1.0Sam Russell2018-05-13
* IPv6 routes exportSam Russell2018-05-13
* IPv6 route updates packSam Russell2018-05-13
* Can advertise IPv4 routesSam Russell2018-05-13
* Add uptime querySam Russell2018-05-12
* Send capabilities with v4 and v6 unicastSam Russell2018-05-12
* Use eventlet instead of geventSam Russell2018-05-12
* Relative importsSam Russell2018-05-12
* Beeper init closer to faucet bgpspeakerSam Russell2018-05-12
* handler api closer to faucet bgpspeakerSam Russell2018-05-12
* Added shutdown methods, run.py exits cleanly on ^CSam Russell2018-05-12
* Add codeclimate badgesSam Russell2018-05-10
* Add code climateSam Russell2018-05-10
* Add readme with Travis badgeSam Russell2018-05-10
* Add travis configSam Russell2018-05-10
* Refactoring and pylint feedbackSam Russell2018-05-10
* Make Beeper the external interface, extract from run.pySam Russell2018-05-10
* Use gevent Queue and 'block' on getSam Russell2018-05-10
* Support IPv6 route withdrawalsSam Russell2018-05-09
* Route withdrawls working for IPv4Sam Russell2018-05-09
* Consts for notification error code, fixes #13Sam Russell2018-05-09
* IPv6 support and some refactoringSam Russell2018-05-09
* Asynchronous socket pollingSam Russell2018-05-09