advisory-feedsBuild a machine readable database of security advisories for your favourite Linu...fincham8 weeks
nfqueue-break-tls-handshakeExample of how to interfere with a TLS handshake using Scapy and NFQUEUE fincham3 months
pickledbpickleDB is an open source key-value store using Python's json module. fincham3 months
collectd-ssdCollectd plugin to measure SSD lifetime metrics fincham4 months
small-mail-serverConfiguration and a guide to build a small mail server fincham6 months
atomic-clockI'm building an atomic clock fincham7 months
apparmor-profilesMiscellaneous profiles for AppArmor fincham8 months
lambda-host-header-redirectJust redirect a request based on the value of the Host header fincham9 months
kexec-remote-debian-installRemotely re-install Debian or Ubuntu using kexec and SSH fincham10 months
wadsWeb Applications Deployed Similarly fincham10 months
sensible-configurationsCollected configurations for things where the defaults just aren't sensible enou...fincham10 months
socks-proxy-extensionChromium extension to configure a localhost SOCKS proxy fincham10 months
modernModern desktop environment fincham11 months
qmk_firmware_sculptLazy fork of qmk/qmk_firmware to suit one particular keyboard I built fincham11 months
wired-sculptReplacement wired controller for the Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic keyboard fincham11 months
pdns-cliCommand line client for the PowerDNS HTTPS API fincham12 months
kiwicon2038Kiwicon 2038 badge challenge "game" fincham13 months
znc-python-imapauthZNC authentication plugin for IMAP written in Python fincham13 months
iptables-detect-tlsDetect TLS TCP and UDP streams using iptables fincham14 months
pasteA basic encrypted pastebin fincham14 months
tiny-git-serviceVery small git-over-ssh service with per-user permissions fincham16 months
py-fidoA Python framework-agnostic implementation of the FIDO U2F server workflow fincham16 months
libu2f-hostYubico Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) Host C Library fincham16 months
ssh-to-pgpConvert private RSA SSH keys in to an OpenPGP compatible format fincham16 months
PowerDNS-CLIPython CLI managing a PowerDNS server trough the REST API fincham17 months
mangoNo description fincham18 months
bekaA Python BGP Speaker fincham19 months
micropython-gubbinsTemplated stuff for ESP8266 running MicroPython fincham19 months
low-profile-sas-bracketLow profile PCI bracket for LSI Logic SAS1068E SAS controller fincham19 months
novena-logoOfficial logo of the Novena open hardware computer fincham19 months
novena-mechanical-partsMain mechanical parts of the Novena laptop fincham20 months
pam-http-2fa-demoVery basic demo of how you could add centralised 2FA to PAM services fincham20 months
moderated-pgp-key-serverA vaguely compliant PGP key server that only serves locally trusted keys fincham22 months
kiwiconxKiwicon X fincham2 years
pieceworkBarebones demo application using osquery to show out of date packages on Debian ...fincham2 years
osquery-controllerBarebones TLS API server for osquery fincham2 years
qmk_firmwarekeyboard controller firmware for Atmel AVR and ARM USB families fincham2 years
controllerKiibohd Controller fincham2 years
catalystcloud-docsCatalyst Cloud Documentation fincham2 years
esp8266-https-ca-demoA short example of how to use a CA-signed certificate on your HTTPS server with ...fincham3 years
hotplate-cloudHow we built the sky fincham3 years
arbitrary-dns64-generatorPowerDNS backend which synthesizes IPv4-embedded AAAA records based on the hostn...fincham3 years
disk-eraserBootable Linux initrd to quickly and automatically erase all disks in a machine fincham3 years
smokeping-targets-generatorReads INI formatted sets of hosts and produces a SmokePing compatible Targets fi...fincham3 years
debian-initramfs-ipv6Bring up an IPv6 address during early boot fincham3 years
MeC64MeC64 is a mechanical replacement keyboard for the Commodore 64 (bread bin model...fincham3 years
batterySuper basic UPower battery meter fincham3 years
yubioath-dmenuAutomate typing a TOTP selected using dmenu fincham3 years
nodemcu-socket-relayFor a first project with NodeMCU, turn a relay on and off with a TCP connection fincham3 years
noodleOld pygame based MIDI controllable sampler for nerdy musicians fincham3 years
pbuilder-scriptsSome useful scripts for pbuilder fincham3 years
flask-googlelogin-sqlalchemy-exampleExample using SQLAlchemy and Flask-GoogleLogin fincham3 years
questQuests and the heroes who undertake them fincham3 years
smokeping-mtr-alertRun MTR automatically when SmokePing triggers an alert fincham4 years
vidicToy x86 operating system fincham4 years
change-controllerA Django application to control changes with minimal friction fincham4 years
arpitraryd"modern replacement for arpcatch" fincham4 years
juniper-browserA WebKit-based browser for GTK+ fincham4 years
kiwicon9-badgeKiwicon 9 high roller "badges" fincham4 years
notifylogDisplay all dbus desktop notifications in an aesthetically pleasing log fincham4 years
misc-modelsAssorted public domain 3D models fincham4 years
flask-minecraft-authExample of authenticating with the Minecraft yggdrasil service from within Flask...fincham4 years
hamksHamster to TKS in one command fincham4 years
unbound-geo-spoofPython plugin for unbound to permit the redirection of certain hostname suffixes...fincham4 years
novena-linuxLinux kernel with Novena patches -- expect frequent rebases! fincham5 years
via-openbookMirror of VIA OpenBook CAD models fincham5 years
cpqpen2Compaq Concerto pen driver for Linux 2.6.x kernels fincham5 years
kiwicon8-badgeKiwicon 8 high roller badges fincham5 years
terrible-raycasterI tried to write a raycaster from what I could remember about them. Needs work. fincham5 years
beetlesA variety of vector beetles in various styles fincham5 years
decorative-otpDecorative one-time-pad generator fincham5 years
xscreensaver-placateA simple plugin which will call xscreensaver-command -deactivate >&- 2>&- & once...fincham5 years
rhythmbox-tray-iconTray icon for Rhythmbox 2.9+ fincham7 years
nagios-dhcp-relayCheck a DHCP server from Nagios using "relay" requests fincham7 years
TestNo description hotplate2 months
student_rocket_team2018No description team9997 months
Avionics_2016No description team9993 years
d1_mini_kicadKicad footrpints and templates for wemos D1 mini board team9993 years
Teensy-3.1Teensy 3.1 library and module for kicad team9993 years
metis-1-onboardA repo containing code for the teams initial flight. This has no control over th...team9993 years
DominoEXDominoEX modem for Atmel AVR team9994 years
flightlogWeb application to display flight logs with map overlay team9994 years
DDSDirect Digital Synthesis for use with DominoEX team9998 years