andonstar-ezshare-hackMake an LZeal brand "ez Share" WiFi SD card work in an Andonstar microscope fincham7 weeks
nixpkgs-experimentsExperiments with "improving" various things from nixpkgs fincham2 months
nixpkgsNix Packages collection fincham2 months
proxy-caScripts to generate single-use Certificate Authorities for proxy <-> backend com...fincham2 months
insomnia-osquery-pluginsPython osquery plugins from Insomnia fincham3 months
sitehost-xen-nixosBasic configuration.nix for running NixOS on SiteHost fincham3 months
pocket-rss-importerImport RSS feeds to Pocket fincham4 months
ungoogled-chromium-portablelinuxPortable Linux packaging for ungoogled-chromium fincham4 months
kexec-remote-debian-installRemotely re-install Debian or Ubuntu using kexec and SSH fincham6 months
chromium-buildBuild environment for Chromium (may god have mercy) fincham7 months
advisory-feedsBuild a machine readable database of security advisories for your favourite Linu...fincham9 months
nfqueue-break-tls-handshakeExample of how to interfere with a TLS handshake using Scapy and NFQUEUE fincham10 months
pickledbpickleDB is an open source key-value store using Python's json module. fincham10 months
collectd-ssdCollectd plugin to measure SSD lifetime metrics fincham11 months
small-mail-serverConfiguration and a guide to build a small mail server fincham13 months
atomic-clockI'm building an atomic clock fincham14 months
apparmor-profilesMiscellaneous profiles for AppArmor fincham15 months
lambda-host-header-redirectJust redirect a request based on the value of the Host header fincham16 months
wadsWeb Applications Deployed Similarly fincham17 months
sensible-configurationsCollected configurations for things where the defaults just aren't sensible enou...fincham17 months
socks-proxy-extensionChromium extension to configure a localhost SOCKS proxy fincham17 months
modernModern desktop environment fincham18 months
qmk_firmware_sculptLazy fork of qmk/qmk_firmware to suit one particular keyboard I built fincham18 months
wired-sculptReplacement wired controller for the Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic keyboard fincham18 months
pdns-cliCommand line client for the PowerDNS HTTPS API fincham19 months
kiwicon2038Kiwicon 2038 badge challenge "game" fincham20 months
znc-python-imapauthZNC authentication plugin for IMAP written in Python fincham21 months
iptables-detect-tlsDetect TLS TCP and UDP streams using iptables fincham21 months
pasteA basic encrypted pastebin fincham21 months
tiny-git-serviceVery small git-over-ssh service with per-user permissions fincham23 months
py-fidoA Python framework-agnostic implementation of the FIDO U2F server workflow fincham23 months
libu2f-hostYubico Universal 2nd Factor (U2F) Host C Library fincham23 months
ssh-to-pgpConvert private RSA SSH keys in to an OpenPGP compatible format fincham23 months
PowerDNS-CLIPython CLI managing a PowerDNS server trough the REST API fincham24 months
mangoNo description fincham2 years
bekaA Python BGP Speaker fincham2 years
micropython-gubbinsTemplated stuff for ESP8266 running MicroPython fincham2 years
low-profile-sas-bracketLow profile PCI bracket for LSI Logic SAS1068E SAS controller fincham2 years
novena-logoOfficial logo of the Novena open hardware computer fincham2 years
novena-mechanical-partsMain mechanical parts of the Novena laptop fincham2 years
pam-http-2fa-demoVery basic demo of how you could add centralised 2FA to PAM services fincham2 years
moderated-pgp-key-serverA vaguely compliant PGP key server that only serves locally trusted keys fincham2 years
kiwiconxKiwicon X fincham3 years
pieceworkBarebones demo application using osquery to show out of date packages on Debian ...fincham3 years
osquery-controllerBarebones TLS API server for osquery fincham3 years
qmk_firmwarekeyboard controller firmware for Atmel AVR and ARM USB families fincham3 years
controllerKiibohd Controller fincham3 years
catalystcloud-docsCatalyst Cloud Documentation fincham3 years
esp8266-https-ca-demoA short example of how to use a CA-signed certificate on your HTTPS server with ...fincham3 years
hotplate-cloudHow we built the sky fincham3 years
arbitrary-dns64-generatorPowerDNS backend which synthesizes IPv4-embedded AAAA records based on the hostn...fincham3 years
disk-eraserBootable Linux initrd to quickly and automatically erase all disks in a machine fincham3 years
smokeping-targets-generatorReads INI formatted sets of hosts and produces a SmokePing compatible Targets fi...fincham3 years
debian-initramfs-ipv6Bring up an IPv6 address during early boot fincham3 years
MeC64MeC64 is a mechanical replacement keyboard for the Commodore 64 (bread bin model...fincham3 years
batterySuper basic UPower battery meter fincham3 years
yubioath-dmenuAutomate typing a TOTP selected using dmenu fincham4 years
nodemcu-socket-relayFor a first project with NodeMCU, turn a relay on and off with a TCP connection fincham4 years
noodleOld pygame based MIDI controllable sampler for nerdy musicians fincham4 years
pbuilder-scriptsSome useful scripts for pbuilder fincham4 years
flask-googlelogin-sqlalchemy-exampleExample using SQLAlchemy and Flask-GoogleLogin fincham4 years
questQuests and the heroes who undertake them fincham4 years
smokeping-mtr-alertRun MTR automatically when SmokePing triggers an alert fincham4 years
vidicToy x86 operating system fincham4 years
change-controllerA Django application to control changes with minimal friction fincham4 years
arpitraryd"modern replacement for arpcatch" fincham4 years
juniper-browserA WebKit-based browser for GTK+ fincham5 years
kiwicon9-badgeKiwicon 9 high roller "badges" fincham5 years
notifylogDisplay all dbus desktop notifications in an aesthetically pleasing log fincham5 years
misc-modelsAssorted public domain 3D models fincham5 years
flask-minecraft-authExample of authenticating with the Minecraft yggdrasil service from within Flask...fincham5 years
hamksHamster to TKS in one command fincham5 years
unbound-geo-spoofPython plugin for unbound to permit the redirection of certain hostname suffixes...fincham5 years
novena-linuxLinux kernel with Novena patches -- expect frequent rebases! fincham5 years
via-openbookMirror of VIA OpenBook CAD models fincham5 years
cpqpen2Compaq Concerto pen driver for Linux 2.6.x kernels fincham5 years
kiwicon8-badgeKiwicon 8 high roller badges fincham5 years
terrible-raycasterI tried to write a raycaster from what I could remember about them. Needs work. fincham5 years
beetlesA variety of vector beetles in various styles fincham5 years
decorative-otpDecorative one-time-pad generator fincham5 years
xscreensaver-placateA simple plugin which will call xscreensaver-command -deactivate >&- 2>&- & once...fincham5 years
rhythmbox-tray-iconTray icon for Rhythmbox 2.9+ fincham7 years
nagios-dhcp-relayCheck a DHCP server from Nagios using "relay" requests fincham7 years