catalystcloud-docsCatalyst Cloud Documentation fincham3 years
powerdns-auth-proxyAuthenticating proxy for PowerDNS's HTTP API catalyst8 weeks
acmeproxyPowerDNS backend for serving ACME dns-01 challenge responses catalyst23 months
smokeping-mtr-alertRun MTR automatically when SmokePing triggers an alert catalyst2 years
patch-friendWhich of my hosts are affected by a security advisory? catalyst3 years
openstack-sflow-traffic-billingPython sFlow collector capable of classifying flows and reporting traffic counte...catalyst3 years
l3overlayIPsec overlay network manager catalyst3 years
smokeping-targets-generatorReads INI formatted sets of hosts and produces a SmokePing compatible Targets fi...catalyst3 years
firewallctlSafely deploy script based firewalls in Linux catalyst4 years
vlan-plumberA distinctly sysadmin-grade script to generate switch configuration catalyst4 years
nagios-datacentre-checksNagios checks for environmental and power monitoring catalyst4 years
nagios-linux-firewall-checksNagios checks useful on Linux firewalls catalyst4 years
exabgp-prefix-fileManage a list of prefixes in a file and have them announced to or withdrawn from...catalyst5 years
collectd-datacentrecollectd-python plugins useful for monitoring a datacentre catalyst5 years
collectd-networkcollectd-python plugins useful for monitoring networking things in linux catalyst5 years
powerdns-zone-editorMulti-user frontend to PowerDNS for zone administration catalyst5 years
fwbuilder-dumpHorrible spaghetti code to render a .fwb to HTML catalyst5 years
dns-surveyAn experiment in producing an sqlite database of sniffed DNS rrnames grouped by ...catalyst5 years
flask-wolTiny Flask web application to send Wake-on-LAN packets catalyst5 years