smokeping-targets-generator.gitReads INI formatted sets of hosts and produces a SmokePing compatible Targets fi...3 months
l3overlay.gitIPsec overlay network manager 4 months
patch-friend.gitWork in progress application to maintain an up-to-date database of vulnerabiliti...5 months
acmeproxy.gitPowerDNS backend for serving ACME dns-01 challenge responses 7 months
firewallctl.gitSafely deploy script based firewalls in Linux 8 months
vlan-plumber.gitA distinctly sysadmin-grade script to generate switch configuration 10 months
smokeping-mtr-alert.gitRun MTR automatically when SmokePing triggers an alert 12 months
nagios-datacentre-checks.gitNagios checks for environmental and power monitoring 13 months
nagios-linux-firewall-checks.gitNagios checks useful on Linux firewalls 14 months
exabgp-prefix-file.gitManage a list of prefixes in a file and have them announced to or withdrawn from...19 months
collectd-datacentre.gitcollectd-python plugins useful for monitoring a datacentre 20 months
collectd-network.gitcollectd-python plugins useful for monitoring networking things in linux 20 months
openstack-sflow-traffic-billing.gitPython sFlow collector capable of classifying flows and reporting traffic counte...20 months
powerdns-zone-editor.gitMulti-user frontend to PowerDNS for zone administration 22 months
fwbuilder-dump.gitHorrible spaghetti code to render a .fwb to HTML 23 months
dns-survey.gitAn experiment in producing an sqlite database of sniffed DNS rrnames grouped by ...23 months
flask-wol.gitTiny Flask web application to send Wake-on-LAN packets 2 years
hotplate-hosts.gitSimple osquery controller 30 hours
wads.gitWeb Applications Deployed Similarly 2 weeks
esp8266-https-ca-demo.gitA short example of how to use a CA-signed certificate on your HTTPS server with ...4 weeks
hotplate-cloud.gitHow we built the sky 5 weeks
sensible-configurations.gitCollected configurations for things where the defaults just aren't sensible enou...2 months
arbitrary-dns64-generator.gitPowerDNS backend which synthesizes IPv4-embedded AAAA records based on the hostn...3 months
disk-eraser.gitBootable Linux initrd to quickly and automatically erase all disks in a machine 3 months
apparmor-profiles.gitMiscellaneous profiles for AppArmor 3 months
debian-initramfs-ipv6.gitBring up an IPv6 address during early boot 3 months
ssh-to-pgp.gitConvert private RSA SSH keys in to an OpenPGP compatible format 3 months
battery.gitSuper basic UPower battery meter 4 months website 4 months
yubioath-dmenu.gitAutomate typing a TOTP selected using dmenu 6 months
modern.gitModern desktop environment 6 months
nodemcu-socket-relay.gitFor a first project with NodeMCU, turn a relay on and off with a TCP connection 9 months
noodle.gitOld pygame based MIDI controllable sampler for nerdy musicians 10 months
pbuilder-scripts.gitSome useful scripts for pbuilder 10 months
flask-googlelogin-sqlalchemy-example.gitExample using SQLAlchemy and Flask-GoogleLogin 10 months
quest.gitQuests and the heroes who undertake them 10 months
vidic.gitToy x86 operating system 14 months
change-controller.gitA Django application to control changes with minimal friction 15 months
arpitraryd.git"modern replacement for arpcatch" 16 months
juniper-browser.gitA WebKit-based browser for GTK+ 16 months
test-signed-repo.gitWhat happens if you sign your commits? 17 months
kiwicon9-badge.gitKiwicon 9 high roller "badges" 18 months
notifylog.gitDisplay all dbus desktop notifications in an aesthetically pleasing log 20 months
misc-models.gitAssorted public domain 3D models 20 months
novena-mechanical-parts.gitMain mechanical parts of the Novena laptop 23 months
kexec-remote-debian-install.gitRemotely re-install Debian or Ubuntu using kexec and SSH 23 months
flask-minecraft-auth.gitExample of authenticating with the Minecraft yggdrasil service from within Flask...23 months
hamks.gitHamster to TKS in one command 23 months
unbound-geo-spoof.gitPython plugin for unbound to permit the redirection of certain hostname suffixes...23 months
cidrtrie.gitTrie implementation of a CIDR lookup table 2 years
novena-linux.gitLinux kernel with Novena patches -- expect frequent rebases! 2 years
via-openbook.gitMirror of VIA OpenBook CAD models 2 years
cpqpen2.gitCompaq Concerto pen driver for Linux 2.6.x kernels 2 years
kiwicon8-badge.gitKiwicon 8 high roller badges 2 years
terrible-raycaster.gitI tried to write a raycaster from what I could remember about them. Needs work. 2 years
beetles.gitA variety of vector beetles in various styles 2 years
decorative-otp.gitDecorative one-time-pad generator 2 years
xscreensaver-placate.gitA simple plugin which will call xscreensaver-command -deactivate >&- 2>&- & once...2 years
rhythmbox-tray-icon.gitTray icon for Rhythmbox 2.9+ 4 years
nagios-dhcp-relay.gitCheck a DHCP server from Nagios using "relay" requests 4 years
ansible-playbooks.gitAnsible playbooks used to build and maintain FSMG machines 8 months
Avionics_2016.gitnull 9 months
d1_mini_kicad.gitKicad footrpints and templates for wemos D1 mini board 9 months
Teensy-3.1.gitTeensy 3.1 library and module for kicad 9 months
metis-1-onboard.gitA repo containing code for the teams initial flight. This has no control over th...9 months
DominoEX.gitDominoEX modem for Atmel AVR 14 months
flightlog.gitWeb application to display flight logs with map overlay 14 months
DDS.gitDirect Digital Synthesis for use with DominoEX 5 years