acmeproxy.gitPowerDNS backend for serving ACME dns-01 challenge responses 2 months
smokeping-mtr-alert.gitRun MTR automatically when SmokePing triggers an alert 3 months
patch-friend.gitWhich of my hosts are affected by a security advisory? 7 months
openstack-sflow-traffic-billing.gitPython sFlow collector capable of classifying flows and reporting traffic counte...8 months
l3overlay.gitIPsec overlay network manager 8 months
smokeping-targets-generator.gitReads INI formatted sets of hosts and produces a SmokePing compatible Targets fi...14 months
firewallctl.gitSafely deploy script based firewalls in Linux 18 months
vlan-plumber.gitA distinctly sysadmin-grade script to generate switch configuration 21 months
nagios-datacentre-checks.gitNagios checks for environmental and power monitoring 2 years
nagios-linux-firewall-checks.gitNagios checks useful on Linux firewalls 2 years
exabgp-prefix-file.gitManage a list of prefixes in a file and have them announced to or withdrawn from...2 years
collectd-datacentre.gitcollectd-python plugins useful for monitoring a datacentre 3 years
collectd-network.gitcollectd-python plugins useful for monitoring networking things in linux 3 years
powerdns-zone-editor.gitMulti-user frontend to PowerDNS for zone administration 3 years
fwbuilder-dump.gitHorrible spaghetti code to render a .fwb to HTML 3 years
dns-survey.gitAn experiment in producing an sqlite database of sniffed DNS rrnames grouped by ...3 years
flask-wol.gitTiny Flask web application to send Wake-on-LAN packets 3 years
faucet.gitFAUCET is an OpenFlow controller for multi table OpenFlow 1.3 switches, that imp...8 weeks
faucetapps.gitApplications for Faucet SDN Controller 12 months
tiny-git-service.gitVery small git-over-ssh service with per-user permissions 8 weeks
moderated-pgp-key-server.gitA vaguely compliant PGP key server that only serves locally trusted keys 2 months
advisory-feeds.gitBuild a machine readable database of security advisories for your favourite Linu...2 months
iptables-detect-tls.gitDetect TLS TCP and UDP streams using iptables 2 months
kiwiconx.gitKiwicon X 5 months
piecework.gitBarebones demo application using osquery to show out of date packages on Debian ...5 months
osquery-controller.gitBarebones TLS API server for osquery 5 months
sensible-configurations.gitCollected configurations for things where the defaults just aren't sensible enou...5 months
paste.gitA basic encrypted pastebin 7 months
qmk_firmware.gitkeyboard controller firmware for Atmel AVR and ARM USB families 7 months
wired-sculpt.gitReplacement wired controller for the Microsoft Sculpt ergonomic keyboard 7 months
controller.gitKiibohd Controller 7 months
catalystcloud-docs.gitCatalyst Cloud Documentation 7 months
kexec-remote-debian-install.gitRemotely re-install Debian or Ubuntu using kexec and SSH 8 months
apparmor-profiles.gitMiscellaneous profiles for AppArmor 9 months
hotplate-hosts.gitSimple osquery controller 11 months
wads.gitWeb Applications Deployed Similarly 11 months
esp8266-https-ca-demo.gitA short example of how to use a CA-signed certificate on your HTTPS server with ...12 months
hotplate-cloud.gitHow we built the sky 12 months
arbitrary-dns64-generator.gitPowerDNS backend which synthesizes IPv4-embedded AAAA records based on the hostn...14 months
disk-eraser.gitBootable Linux initrd to quickly and automatically erase all disks in a machine 14 months
debian-initramfs-ipv6.gitBring up an IPv6 address during early boot 14 months
ssh-to-pgp.gitConvert private RSA SSH keys in to an OpenPGP compatible format 14 months
MeC64.gitMeC64 is a mechanical replacement keyboard for the Commodore 64 (bread bin model...15 months
battery.gitSuper basic UPower battery meter 15 months website 15 months
yubioath-dmenu.gitAutomate typing a TOTP selected using dmenu 17 months
modern.gitModern desktop environment 17 months
nodemcu-socket-relay.gitFor a first project with NodeMCU, turn a relay on and off with a TCP connection 20 months
noodle.gitOld pygame based MIDI controllable sampler for nerdy musicians 20 months
pbuilder-scripts.gitSome useful scripts for pbuilder 20 months
flask-googlelogin-sqlalchemy-example.gitExample using SQLAlchemy and Flask-GoogleLogin 21 months
quest.gitQuests and the heroes who undertake them 21 months
vidic.gitToy x86 operating system 2 years
change-controller.gitA Django application to control changes with minimal friction 2 years
arpitraryd.git"modern replacement for arpcatch" 2 years
juniper-browser.gitA WebKit-based browser for GTK+ 2 years
test-signed-repo.gitWhat happens if you sign your commits? 2 years
kiwicon9-badge.gitKiwicon 9 high roller "badges" 2 years
notifylog.gitDisplay all dbus desktop notifications in an aesthetically pleasing log 3 years
misc-models.gitAssorted public domain 3D models 3 years
novena-mechanical-parts.gitMain mechanical parts of the Novena laptop 3 years
flask-minecraft-auth.gitExample of authenticating with the Minecraft yggdrasil service from within Flask...3 years
hamks.gitHamster to TKS in one command 3 years
unbound-geo-spoof.gitPython plugin for unbound to permit the redirection of certain hostname suffixes...3 years
cidrtrie.gitTrie implementation of a CIDR lookup table 3 years
novena-linux.gitLinux kernel with Novena patches -- expect frequent rebases! 3 years
via-openbook.gitMirror of VIA OpenBook CAD models 3 years
cpqpen2.gitCompaq Concerto pen driver for Linux 2.6.x kernels 3 years
kiwicon8-badge.gitKiwicon 8 high roller badges 3 years
terrible-raycaster.gitI tried to write a raycaster from what I could remember about them. Needs work. 3 years
beetles.gitA variety of vector beetles in various styles 3 years
decorative-otp.gitDecorative one-time-pad generator 3 years
xscreensaver-placate.gitA simple plugin which will call xscreensaver-command -deactivate >&- 2>&- & once...3 years
rhythmbox-tray-icon.gitTray icon for Rhythmbox 2.9+ 5 years
nagios-dhcp-relay.gitCheck a DHCP server from Nagios using "relay" requests 5 years
governance.gitNo description 10 months
ansible-playbooks.gitAnsible playbooks used to build and maintain FSMG machines 19 months
website.gitNo description
Avionics_2016.gitNo description 20 months
d1_mini_kicad.gitKicad footrpints and templates for wemos D1 mini board 20 months
Teensy-3.1.gitTeensy 3.1 library and module for kicad 20 months
metis-1-onboard.gitA repo containing code for the teams initial flight. This has no control over th...20 months
DominoEX.gitDominoEX modem for Atmel AVR 2 years
flightlog.gitWeb application to display flight logs with map overlay 2 years
DDS.gitDirect Digital Synthesis for use with DominoEX 6 years